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The NuLean Weight-Loss/Total Body Transformation System is a complete program designed to help you lose weight the healthy way and stay lean for the rest of your life.

The NuLean Weight-Loss/Total Body Transformation System melts away pounds and inches in three vital synergistic ways:

1. It Cleanses fat producing impurities out of your body.

2. It Revitalizes the metabolism so that your body operates at its normal fat burning level.

3. It Reprograms your body so that you no longer crave processed foods, empty carbs and sugars, but instead desire nutritious life-enhancing foods such as proteins, fruits and vegetables. Whether you want to lose 5 or 150 pounds, this can easily be achieved by doing the NuLean Weight-Loss/Total Body Transformation System

The system provides these health benefits:
  • Boosts energy and stamina.
  • Helps drop unwanted pounds and inches along with prescribed diet and exercise.
  • Decreases sugar and carb cravings.
  • Improves physical endurance.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps promote an alkalinity in the body which promotes wellness.
  • Aids digestive health.

How Does the NuLean Weight-Loss/Total Body Transformation System Work?

The program takes off weight in 2 simple and easy phases.

Phase 1 is the Detoxification Stage

By following the Phase 1 instructions exactly and taking the Phase 1 Products, your body will begin to eliminate the fat producing toxins that have been making, and keeping you overweight. This one week detoxification phase is vital to achieve optimum health and long term weight-loss.

Phase 1

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Phase 1 consists of 3 products:

- NuLean Super Cleanse consists of a synergistic blend of life-giving nutrients designed to cleanse the body of impurities.


- NuLean Super Protein is a proprietary blend of proteins, fibers and digestive aids to act as a nutritious meal replacement and assist in losing weight, maintaining muscle mass and energizing the cells.

- NuLean Quick Burn contains over twenty-five botanical herbs and fruit and vegetable extracts combined with an array of vitamins and minerals formulated to revitalize the metabolism.

The way Phase 1 works is the Super Cleanse and Super Protein are taken for one week and the Quick Burn for one month. Don’t let this short period of time fool you. In a Clinical study, those doing the NuLean Phase 1 Program lost on average 7-1/2 pounds (and just as many inches) in the first week alone! They also enjoyed considerable improvements in their health as verified by a series of before and after blood tests.

After Phase 1 – first week is completed go on to Phase II, the Power Cleanse. You can do Phase II for consecutive weeks until you lose the total amount of weight you would like. Or, after doing Phase II for a couple of weeks (or longer), you can cycle back to Phase I and do it for another week for aggressive weight reduction toward your overall weight-loss goal.

The average person loses 7-1/2 pounds in the first week of doing Phase 1.

 After doing Phase 1 for the first week, you then move to Phase 2.

Phase 2

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Phase 2 is the Stabilization Stage

Phase 2 is the follow up program to Phase 1.


Directly after completing Phase 1 continue to take the Quick Burn capsules, 3 a day until the bottle runs out (The capsules should last 3 weeks past Phase I, 4 weeks total). During this same period start Phase 2 which consists of the NuLean Power Cleanse. This is a highly concentrated liquid cleanse that is different than the Super Cleanse in Phase 1. You take the Phase 2 Clease each morning and evening. One bottle lasts one week. The Phase 2 Cleanse is designed to help you continue to lose weight. Normally Phase 2 is done repetitively for three weeks after one week of Phase 1. If you would like to lose more weight after this first month simply do Phase 1 for a week again, followed again by 3 weeks of Phase 2. You may repeat this cycle as often and as many times as you like until your target weight is achieved. The cleanse concentrate can be taken by itself, or taken in conjunction with the NuLean protein powder for extra energy.

In the process of doing both Phase 1 and Phase 2, the average person loses 1 to 4 pounds a week.


Super Protein

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Super Protein

Super Protein Powder

This is a perfectly balanced all-natural meal replacement. Nutrient dense and delicious, it makes weight-loss through dieting a breeze. NuLean Super Protein supplies the full arsenal of basic nutrition needed to sustain a lean healthy body for life. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, there would be no better choice.

Digestible protein is necessary for detoxification. In addition to energizing the cells of your body and rebuilding muscle, protein grabs hold of toxins and safely escorts them out of the body. Whey provides a complete protein, ideally suited for this purpose.

The NuLean Super Protein is a proprietary formula blending fat and protein hydrolyzing enzymes exclusively with whey that is "isolated" having gone through the most advanced filtering process to remove carbohydrates and fats. The result is the highest percentage—over 90%, of protein compared to other whey products. In essence; the dairy is removed from the whey, leaving only the life supporting amino acids.

In addition, the NuLean Super Protein utilizes Fiberpro, a proprietary combination of clinically proven whole food fibers, including oat bran, specifically designed to internally detoxify so as to maintain a healthy colon. Doctors have long known of the extreme importance of including adequate fiber in your daily diet for internal health and disease prevention.

Lastly, Pre-biotics known as FOSs are added to the NuLean Super Protein. These are special nutrients that assist your body in cultivating "friendly bacteria" in your gut, also vital for detoxification and maintaining a strong, functioning immune system.


Super Cleanse

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Super Cleanse

This is an all-natural liquid cleanse that has four times as much aloe than as the NuLean Power Cleanse, and it also contains aloe extract, rather than aloe juice in the One Week Cleanse. Aloe extract is known for its detoxification and healing properties. The NuLean Super Cleanse causes cleansing at an even deeper cellular level, assisting the body to naturally rid itself of toxins and fat by utilizing:

  • Life-enhancing herbs that cleanse and promote waste elimination.
  • Organic teas and trace minerals that promote weight-loss.
  • Special nutrients that super-charge the body on a cellular level.



Quick Burn

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NuLean Quick Burn

Each Quick Burn capsule contains over twenty-five botanical herbs, fruit and vegetable extracts and an array of vitamins and minerals. While the NuLean Super Cleanse helps flush the toxins out of your body, and the NuLean Super Protein provides you with the nutrients and energy to lose fat and fully function in life, Quick Burn also assists the cleansing process as well as stabilize your metabolism so that your body doesn’t fall back into the sluggish condition, which caused you to put weight on in the first place.




Power Cleanse

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Gentle Colon Cleanser

The NuLean Weight-loss products (Phase 1 and Phase 2) were formulated to purge the body of harmful toxins that are stored in the liver and fatty tissues, resulting in weight-loss and improved immune system response. However, colon cleansing is also desirable.

Depending on the level of toxicity and dietary habits a person has had, occasionally when doing either Phase 1 or Phase 2 one may experience slight constipation. One could say this is a “last ditch effort” of the body to hang onto the very sludge that it needs to get rid of. Whatever the case, it’s good practice to cleanse the colon, especially if one experiences constipation while taking the NuLean weight-loss products.


Optimum Energy

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Optimum Energy

Energy is life. The more energy you have the more alive you are. Reversely, lack of energy is lack of life.
NuLean’s Optimum Energy gives you more energy when you need it, and more relaxation when you need it.
NuLean’s Optimum Energy supplement doesn’t stimulate your system; rather it works to reduce the stress that is robbing your energy.

The proprietary ingredients in Optimum Energy are plant extracts called Adaptogens. These unique herbs were discovered in the 1960s by Russian Scientists to help increase the performance and resistance to disease of Olympic Athletes and Cosmonauts (Astronauts).

By 1984 Russian scientists had published in excess of 1,500 pharmacological and clinical studies on the efficacy of adaptogenic herbs. Later research carried out in Germany and Japan demonstrated similar findings to that of Russians. There is no doubt that adaptogens increase an organism’s adaptation to stress and have a normalizing influence on our physiology.


Adaptogens are plant extracts that come from plants that grow in one of the most stressful environments on the planet, upper Siberia. The four main adaptogenic plants (found in Optimum Energy) have to endure ninety degree heat in the summer and up to fifty below zero in the winter. To survive, the plants release compounds that work to keep them in a state of homeostasis (balance). The same compounds that help adaptogenic plants remain balanced through stressful conditions also help our bodies remain in a state of homeostasis.


Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, often referred to as the stress hormone. Cortisol plays a vital role in counteracting inflammatory responses in the immune system. When cortisol levels remain high (due to stress) many negative effects can happen: blood pressure rises and blood sugar levels increase as insulin is blocked from doing its job leading to unhealthy fat building up. Gastric acid production increases in the stomach. And bone formation is hindered.

The Adaptogens in the Optimum Energy formula reduce the damage caused by excess cortisol. They aid in providing more cortisol when needed, or recognize when cortisol is being overproduced and needs to be suppressed. This strengthens and preserves our energy, also preventing stress from causing illness and even premature aging. In essence, Optimum Energy gives you more energy when you need it and also more relaxation when rest is desired.

Energy is life. Optimum Energy restores energy by not allowing physical and mental stress to rob your energy. You don’t feel a “rush” of energy when you take Optimum Energy. Instead you feel a bedrock of balanced energy working in your system 24/7.

Try it. You’ll like the way you’ll feel.

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