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The Core Problem to weight-loss

If you are overweight you have a toxic body. Unfortunately, this is not just an opinion.

The common "beer belly" you see on men, is actually an inflamed colon!
According to the Environmental Working Group, 100% of Americans are toxic. In fact, there is a new official medical term for this health threatening condition: Body Burden.

Now... guess what the most visible symptom of toxicity is in the body?

Yes, you may have guessed it, FAT ... is the answer.

EXAMPLE: The common "beer belly" you see on men, is actually an inflamed colon! What are sometimes referred to as "thunder thighs" on women, are really toxically inflamed tissues surrounded by fat.

When toxins enter a female the body, it is genetically programmed to push the toxins away from the stomach area so that they can safely bear children. As a result these toxins end up mainly in the rear-end and thighs, where they accumulate fat and inflammation.

Men obviously don't bear children so the body just allows the toxins, fat, and inflammation to build up right at the point of arrival throughout the intestines and stomach area.

Why Other Diets Don’t Work

If you attempt to lose weight without cleansing out the toxins, the weight ALWAYS comes back with a vengeance. Why? Because the residual toxins in your body will once again attract fat! Toxins literally act as a magnet for fat.

If you attempt to lose weight without cleansing out the toxins, the weight ALWAYS comes back with a vengeance.This is why all those other diets you’ve tried either don’t work, or you gained the weight back shortly after doing them. This is also why you don’t always feel good when you attempt other diets—because you haven’t gotten the toxins out!

In order to lose weight permanently, you MUST cleanse out the toxins!

And one other important thing: Toxins cause cravings. If you diet without cleansing you will once again still have sugar and empty carb cravings. It’s almost impossible to resist bad food after a round of dieting. But this is not your fault. If you want eliminate these cravings permanently, you must cleanse the toxins out—as with the The Nulean system.

NuLean is done one week at a time until you reach your target weight. The average person loses 7.5 pounds the first week, and then between 1 and 3 pounds a week after that.

NuLean is “Virtually” Free!

This easy-to-follow program makes it possible to reduce calorie consumption while keeping your energy level high throughout the day.

The result is a dramatic loss of weight and inches after only one week.

When you calculate the meals replaced and compare it to your average cost for food, it is easy to see that using the Nulean system actually saves you money. And the life saving health benefits are a bonus!

How Do Toxins Create Fat?

Once in your body, toxins do four things that help manufacture fat:
  • Slow down your metabolism.
  • Decrease your body’s ability to burn fat.
  • Slow down the time it takes for you to feel full (this is called the satiety response time).
  • Traps fat in the body.
The problem is, your body simply wasn't built to deal with the toxins that you are constantly being bombarding with in today's world. This has never before occurred in the history of the human race.

If there is any genetic link at all to getting fat it's that your genes have not been programed to deal with this quantity and variety of chemical toxins, as a result your body accumulates fat as its first line of defense. This is the exact reason why dieting without cleansing is generally doomed to fail. On the other hand, effective cleansing will reward your dieting efforts with nothing short of dramatic results.
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