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Why are Americas Kids Overweight?
by Marla Roberts CD

Why Are America's Kids Overweight?

Did you know that the average child views 10,000 food ads each year? Did you know that 95% of these ads are for fast food, soft drinks, candy or sugar coated cereals? Did you know that $10 billion a year is spent on advertising directed to US children? And to make all this worse, obesity costs the American economy $70 billion a year!

Do you think this could have anything to do with the current obesity epidemic among children in the US?

I can remember when physical education was mandatory in schools and fun on the weekend meant playing outside with my friends. All day! As a matter of fact, the environmental conditions of the 1960's were conducive to a healthier childhood.

I know I've addressed this subject before, but since the problem is not going away, I thought I needed to address it again, So, consider the following:

Television was limited to only a few channels. More parents regulated the viewing of television for their family (there is a 12% increase in childhood obesity for every hour of TV watched) High fructose corn syrup and other synthetic sweeteners, colorings and food additives had not been invented yet (there is a 500% increase in consumption of soft drinks since the 1950's) The nutritional value of produce was actually higher. Diets, in general, were more nutritious, children were more physically active (there is a 10% decrease of risk of childhood obesity for every hour of exercise)

Certainly, we cannot turn back the clock to the 1960's. But there are things, we as parents, can do to improve the health of our children, reduce the risk for obesity and it's often deadly long term effects, and basically take back control of our family's health and well-being.

First, provide a better home environment. If your children like to snack, provide healthy, non-sugared snacks. Fresh organic fruit, natural chips prepared in olive oil instead of canola or vegetable oil, fresh fruit juices, good clean water are all a good place to start. When my kids were young I would put a bowl of organic grapes on the kitchen table. They would snack on those all day. They never went in search of something else to munch on. Kids will generally eat what's in front of them if it tastes good. So put something healthy out for them.

For every one additional soft drink a child drinks per day the chance for childhood obesity increases 60%. And since 50% of schools in the US have a contract with a soft drink company, allowing them to sell sodas in schools, it is our responsibility, as parents, to educate our children of the dangers of these types of products. And you can't do it by badgering, threatening or scolding a child. You have to teach by example. What do you have in your home? What do you eat? Do you reward your child with candy, trips to a fast food restaurant or soda? Remember, your children watch your behavior very closely. So, have an occasional sweet and let them too. But the bulk of your diet should be rich in healthful items. This is a prime opportunity to help your child develop into a healthy, productive individual.

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