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How to Lose Your Belly Fat Forever
by Dr. Suhail Alsahli

How to Lose Your Belly Fat Forever. Get Your Fat Burning Hormones to Work for You and Not Against You!

You are genetically programmed to have a lean body. If you are overweight it is because the fat burning hormones of your body aren't functioning properly.

When your body is in a healthy, optimal state, it continually burns fat. If your body didn't burn fat regularly you would have weighed three hundred pounds by the time you were five years old. From the moment we're born we eat, eat, eat. According to the US Dept of Agriculture the average person consumes 4.7 pounds of food a day. This comes to almost 2000 pounds a year! Your weight isn't determined by how much you eat, as much as how your body burns calories and fat.

When your body is in a healthy, optimal state, (called homeostasis) it continually burns fat.

The body regulates its weight and body fat through a fat burning hormone called leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that is produced by body fat. Leptin actually tells your brain to burn fat to use as energy. Leptin is also associated with suppressing appetite and speeding up the metabolism, two things that play a major role in weight control.

How does the hormone leptin work? Leptin tells the brain when to burn fat. When scientists first discovered it they assumed that since leptin told the brain to burn fat, that overweight individuals were leptin deficient. Thus drug companies scrambled to develop a synthetic form of leptin. But they soon discovered that overweight people weren't deficient in leptin at all. In fact, they had elevated leptin levels!

Scientists discovered that when there is too much leptin present in the system (from excess fat) the brain can go into a state called "lepin resistance" in which lipten actually stops having an effect on the brain. Since lipten no longer has an effect on the brain, the brain doesn't trigger the body's natural fat burning process. The end result is that fat builds up.

The solution to permanent weight loss has been to discover why the brain goes into lepin resistance.

Why does your body stop burning fat? There are two major reasons your brain ignores lipton and does not burn fat properly.

A peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of American Neurotoxicology and Teratology stated in March 2008, that just moderate to small amounts of pesticides in rats cause excessive weight gain by damaging hypothalamus and the pituitary structures in the brain. It was discovered that the rats gained weight because of toxins.

When the body becomes too toxic, the leptin receptors in the brain become overwhelmed and stop working. Therefore the brain doesn't send the message to the cells to "burn fat".

When we speak of toxins, we are talking about all the unnatural elements that are found in today's food. These include pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, trans-fatty acids, artificial sweeteners, processed sugar and processed carbohydrates. It is estimated that up to ninety percent of the "food" the average American consumes is toxic to the body. Remember, these toxic foods also include processed foods such as pasta, refinded sugar, chocolate, most bread, cake, cookies and soft drinks, etc.

One theory is that, in such cases, the brain ignores the hormone lepin on purpose. The intelligence of the body recognizes that there is an overload of toxins and it therefore holds onto the fat as a protective mechanism, so that the toxins become trapped in the fatty cells and don't get into the blood stream where they can wreak havoc and maybe even kill a person!

Only sixty years ago the average American weighed twenty-five pounds less than they do today. Do we eat that much more food today, than we did in the sixties? Probably not. Instead, today we eat far more processed foods that are riddled with toxins. Since the 1950s the production of toxins in our food has soared in direct relation to the number of pounds people have put on.

The other factor that creates leptin resistance is lack of exercise. Our bodies were built to move, not to sit all day, or even stand in a confined area.

How to permanently lose weight To permanently lose weight you must cleanse the toxins out of the body. Diet's that don't do this are doomed to fail in the long run because if your body isn't cleansed of toxins the hormone lipen won't be allowed to do its job. Even if the pounds come off they will stack right up again, because the body is still in a state of lipten resistance.

I have personally lost 150 pounds and kept it off for two years. I utilize a weight loss cleanse that provides a scientific blend of exact natural nutrients that cleanse your body of toxins, as well as an-easy-to-do structured blueprint for eating good foods and exercising. According to a clinical study, the average person that does the weight loss system I utilize loses 7.5 pounds in the first week alone, along with dramatic improvements in health as seen in their blood.

To lose weight naturally your goal should be to put the body back in a healthy, optimal state, (called homeostasis) so that it continually burns fat.

Dr. Al-sahli practices in Houston TX area. He and his staff have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds. For more information contact his office at: 281-333-1377.

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