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Reset Your Hormone Switch To Normal
by Dr. Mark Schwartz

Homeostasis is a fancy way of saying your body is trying to get back to normal ranges for chemicals, hormones, temperature etc.

For example, when your energy levels are low, conventional wisdom would tell you that your hunger hormones, leptin and insulin, signal you to eat more expend less. When you've eaten enough they should signal your body that you've had enough. Your body gets back to the balanced state.

In a perfect world, your body would tell you that you are full. If you gain weight, homeostasis should regulate your hunger, physical activity and energy output so your body goes back to a natural weight relative to your build.

In the real world, it doesn't work. We do eat too much. We get fat. Why????

That's because the typical American diet is filled with processed foods, sugars, starches, hormone and pesticide ridden meats and preservatives. These foods lack the nutrition your body needs.

When your body lacks nutrients, it tells you you are still hungry. The hormone system won't work and regulate your reactions correctly.

The goods news is you can reverse the effects of years of conventional food and nutrition advice and return your body to a normal state if you follow some simple rules:

Don't listen to conventional wisdom. Most doctors will tell you to eat less calories. It's not the quantity but the quality of the calories. The thing to do is eat more protein. Protein signals your body to stop eating and it tells your body to melt fat vs store it.

Eat the right fats: Eat the right fats like Omega-3s. Your body uses this to absorb vitamins and nutrients.

Take a multi-vitamin: Choose a natural brand so you can actually absorb them.

Eat low glycemic index foods: These are foods such as nuts, green leafy veggies, meats and fruits. Try avoiding sugars, starches and grains which all cause you to stay hungry.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup: It has been found to cause leptin resistance , which means your body won't signal you that you are full.

Don't skip meals: It will put your body in starvation mode and you will binge, probably on carbs. Eat three meals per day and snack on those healthy foods mentioned above.

You must cleanse your body of all those preservatives, hormones and toxins in the American diet. This will allow your body to work better and more efficiently with respect to all the above factors.

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