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How to Lose Your Belly Fat Forever by Dr. Suhail Alsahli

How to Lose Your Belly Fat Forever. Get Your Fat Burning Hormones to Work for You and Not Against You! Click to Read More

Hidden Weight Gain Culprit by James Valko

All language is developed from a need to specifically name something that may not have existed or been considered prior to its recognition. Such is the case with the newest byword of potentially fat producing chemicals called appropriately enough, "obesogens." Click to Read More

Lose Weight & Be Healthier By Drinking Water by Dr. Michael Geery

Countless studies over the years indicate that we don't drink enough water, and drinking things like sugary sodas and caffeinated or alcoholic beverages is not a good substitute, especially if one is trying to lose weight. Sodas can ad countless calories and caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body and prevent it from performing its most basic functions properly. Click to Read More

Trian Your Body to Burn Fat by Dr. Allen Roberds

Because a cleansing program can deplete one's body of vital nutrients, which can lead to fatigue, poor motivation, malnourishment, depression, body malfunction and loss of health, many health practitioners agree that the best cleansing programs are not just cleansing programs alone," says Dr. Valerie Grevers D.C.. "The best cleansing programs, are two part systems, designed, not just to cleanse the body of impurities, but also to replenish the body with the vital nutrients it needs to function optimally and be healthy." Click to Read More

Why are Americas Kids Overweight? by Marla Roberts CD

Did you know that the average child views 10,000 food ads each year? Did you know that 95% of these ads are for fast food, soft drinks, candy or sugar coated cereals? Did you know that $10 billion a year is spent on advertising directed to US children? And to make all this worse, obesity costs the American economy $70 billion a year! Click to Read More

Reset Your Hormone Switch To Normal by Dr. Mark Schwartz

When your body lacks nutrients, it tells you you are still hungry. The hormone system won't work and regulate your reactions correctly. Click to Read More
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