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Tom Hendrickx, MPT, OCS, CSCS

I have been using the device for about five weeks and used the RRT for a wide variety of musculoskeletal cases with great results.

Not only have patients reported a significant decrease in pain, we have had measurable improvements in range of motion, flexibility and even sensation.

Originally, I was applying it to the more chronic based cases on the theory of scar tissue, but now I’ve moved to trying it on almost all my patients due to the overwhelming positive results.

I have been treating an Orthopedic Surgeon using the RRT as a non-surgical solution for his Chronic Achilles Tendonitis. After just five 10-minute treatments, he has a 90% healing success and is a true believer in this new treatment modality. He and I are beginning clinical research on the RRT together with other Orthopedic Surgeons across the country.

We have had the opportunity to use it on two Total Hip Replacement patients, with exceptional results. Overall, the RRT is effective on most patients, and fills the gap that other modalities and even manual therapy can miss.

Please feel free to call anytime with additional questions.


Tom Hendrickx, MPT, OCS, CSCS
Pacific Coast Physical Therapy
3900 Birch Street, Suite 104
Newport Beach, California 92626

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