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U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association

My name is Adam Perreault; I am the head athletic trainer for the United States Nordic Combined Ski Team. I am writing to say thank you and share a success story I had the good fortune of experiencing while using your device. Our team was in Val di Fiemme, Italy this September. We just arrived to start our training camp at the site of the 2013 World Championships. One of the athletes, an Olympic Gold Medalist, went out for a trail run. He was less than ten minutes into his run when he went to jump over an obstacle and was cut off by a teammate. During his fall he hit the back of his calf and sustained a deep contusion. He managed his way back to the hotel when I got to him. He wasn’t able to put any weight onto that leg, and he couldn’t to go into dorsiflexion. We worked together two times that evening where I had him ice for 20 minutes, and then I would use the device over the contusion for 20 minutes and the entire calf for another 10 minutes. After the first two treatments he was able to put his full body weight on his leg. The next morning we worked together and it only took two more treatments with the RRT Pro 1 until he was able to regain full dorsiflexion. He even felt good enough to join the team for their first ski jumping session.

Without the RRT Pro 1 I am sure he would have missed multiple training days during the camp. After seeing his rapid turnaround I had athletes lining up for treatment asking for time with the device. The RRT Pro 1 is the first thing I pack when going on the road and it is the first thing unpacked.

From all of us at the US Ski and Snowboard Association, thank you for this great product!


Adam Perreault, MEd, ATC

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