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NuLean Practice Booster How to have patients open up about their weight problem and demand that you help them with it!

Inside every overweight person is a thin person wanting to get out. This article explains how to unlock the “door” so it’s a win/win.


What if you could get everyone of your overweight patients to lose weight and detoxify? How much better off would they be? How much healthier? Might your adjustments hold better?

Excess fat isn’t just unsightly, it’s downright dangerous. Yet often, doctors don’t address the “fat issue” with their patients because they simply don’t know how to comfortably OPEN THE SUBJECT of weight loss with patients.

But now, a new procedure makes it easy to get all your overweight patients to gladly open up about their weight problem and even request that you help
them lose weight!


You already know that one pound of excess fat in the gut puts three pounds of excess strain on the lumbar. You also know that lugging around extra poundage puts strain on the heart, which isn’t good in the longevity department. But these are minor problems compared to the whole story.

What many people don’t know is that excess fat causes chronic inflammation, which, in turn, can lead to life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetics (just to name a few).

Acute inflammation generally benefits the body. You cut your hand and your body rushes in extra blood and special white blood cells (neutrophils) to protect the area and fight infection. The body also produces molecules called cytokines to help regulate the inflammation. So far, so good.

Chronic inflammation, however, is another story. Simply stated, chronic inflammation is repetitive acute inflammation. It’s as if that cut in your hand is sliced open again and again and again. Your body reacts with a continual outpouring of inflammation fighting responses. This isn’t good.

In particular, with chronic inflammation, your body produces an overabundance of cytokines. Science now knows that a chronic onslaught of cytokines can greatly contribute to auto-immune disease.

But what does chronic inflammation and cytokines have to do with fat?

It works like this: Fatty tissue is made up of adipose cells, which increase in size as more fuel is presented to the body for storage. As adipose cells grow larger, they over produce cytokines which causes inflammation and disease.

Large adipose cells (excess fat) produces an overabundance of
cytokines which contributes to chronic inflammation
which produces disease!

Said even more simply...

Excess fat = Inflammation = Disease.
This is a fact that everyone needs to know!


The NuLean Practice Booster program will give you the nuts and bolts procedures (and tools) to get your patients to happily open up and even demand that you help them with their weight problem.


It starts with having all your patients fill out a simply health survey. Five exact questions whet the patient’s “appetite” to lose weight and give you all the information you need to get them on the NuLean program.


Do you consider your current weight is ideal for your height?
Yes_______ No_______

To achieve your ideal weight, roughly how many pounds would you need to lose? #___________

Do you often wish you had more energy?
Yes_______ No_______

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your overall diet in terms of eating foods that are healthy?
1 to10 __________

Do you take a multi-vitamin daily?
Yes_______ No_______

If you are overweight, approximately how many years have you weighed more than your ideal weight?
# of years ____________________


Simply give this survey to all your new patients and your existing patients to fill out when they come in. This way you are not bluntly asking your patients about their weight problem, you are simply doing what doctors do, gathering information for your records so that you may help them.

Once the patient has revealed how much weight they need to lose by filing out the survey you direct them to the NuLean Height/Weight Chart.

The Practice Booster audio CD (described below) will teach you exactly how to implement the procedures.

Weight to Height ratios

The NuLean Height/Weight Chart is 11’ by 17’ and is fully laminated for long term protection. It is for both women and men. It can easily be taped or pinned to your treatment room wall.

The NuLean Dangers of Excess Fat Chart is 11’ by 17’ and is fully laminated for “long tem protection. It is for both women and men. It can easily be taped or pinned to your treatment room wall.



This is an attention-grabbing, height/weight chart in which patients can plot their weight and height. There are four zones -- “normal weight” “overweight” “obese” and “majorly obese.” The patient views what “zone” (color) their weight falls into on the chart.

After the patient locates their weight on the Height/Weight Chart and determines the “zone” they fall in, they are directed to the Dangers of Excess Fat Chart.


The Dangers of Excess Fat Chart is a complimentary chart to the Height/Weight Chart and is placed on your wall next to that chart.

After the patient locates their color of the “zone” their weight falls in on the Height/Weight Chart they then look at the corresponding color in the “Excess Fat” chart. Each color has a detailed description of the health hazards associated with that color.

The purpose of the “Excess Fat” chart is to give the patient a brief education of the dangers of excess fat.

For example, if your patient’s weight and height fall in the purple zone this means the patient is Obese. The text in purple says: “PURPLE means you are obese and highly likely to suffer from one or more of the Top 10 Health Risks. The human heart was not built to carry excess weight for long. That’s only one reason obese people are most at risk for heart disease. In addition, 50 percent of men and 70 percent of women who have diabetes are obese.”

The Chart then lists the Top 10 Health Risks associated with being overweight.

Finally, the “excess fat chart” states the exact solution to reduce their weight, which, of course, is to do the NuLean program.


With the NuLean Practice Booster Program you will also receive a series of four powerful/educational letters/emails to send to all your patients and inactive patients to enlighten them on the dangerous and solution to excess weight and toxicity in the body. This is a great way to get people in your practice demanding you help them with weight loss. They can either be mailed or emailed, or both!

NuLean Booster emails

The NuLean Practice Booster Emails will teach people who receive them:


  • * The five lies as to why people put on pounds!
  • * How to lose 7 pounds in the next week!
  • * Four things a person must do to successfully lose weight.
  • * Why traditional diets not only do not work but wreak havoc on the body!
  • * Why chiropractors are especially good at helping people lose weight!
  • * How fat can actually help the body and keep it lean at the same time!
  • * Why certain body types hang on to fat and what to do about it.
  • * How the body stores toxins in such a way as to cause excess fat.
  • * How to detoxify easily and not only lose pounds but feel better than you have in years!
  • * A study that shows 232 toxins are found in the blood of babies, and how to get the toxins out!
  • * How to quickly cut carb and sugar cravings so that you desire foods that are good for you!
  • * Why people always put the weight back on after dieting and how to reverse this!



You will also receive a audio recording that outlines everything you need to know about how to get people to demand that you help them with their weight problem.

This Practice-packed CD will teach you:

Practice Booster CD

  • * How to open the subject of excess fat with each patient!
  • * How to express the truth about excess fat in a powerfully truthful way that gets people to act now!
  • * How to raise the necessity of weight loss in the patient’s mind so they can’t wait to get started!
  • * How to create a wedge of differentiation between NuLean and other weight loss systems.
  • * How to explain how excess fat creates dangerous molecules in the body which causes inflammation!
  • * The four steps necessary to closing any person on losing weight with NuLean.
  • * How to effortlessly handle objections to losing weight.
  • * The exact two reasons people don’t want to lose weight and how to change their mind without selling them!
  • * How acquiring a lean body will cause one to live longer and enjoy life more!
  • * How to quickly communicate to a person in regard to how toxins work in the body to create fat.
  • * How to get a person to talk themselves into losing weight!
  • * The five exact questions to ask a person to get them interested in losing weight.
  • * How to introduce the concept of deep cellular cleansing and have the patient begging to do it.
  • * How excess fat has surpassed tobacco use as the number one self-induced killer in America!
  • * How to “not sell” a patient on losing weight, but rather just ask them the right questions so that they demand to lose weight for themselves!
  • * How to explain to a patient that doing the NuLean program will only cost them as much as a cup of coffee per day!

Practice Booster Program

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