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Michael G. Griffo D.C.

RRT Produces Excellent Results On Competitive Jumping Horse.

Woman Riding Hourse

The horse’s jumping performance suffered from chronic tight hind leg muscles and joints and possible suspensory pull. The horse was ready to be retired from competitive jumping due to this condition.

Pre- RRT application stretching : The hind legs were stretched forward attempting to touch the rear hoofs to the back of the knees of the front legs. Each rear leg had a maximum stretch of aprox. 12 inches behind the front knee. This limited range of motion had always been a problem for this horse according to the trainer.

RRT was applied to both hips, buttocks and thighs (total application time = 10mins.)

Post RRT application stretching:
Immediately the previous stretches were duplicated and produced increases in flexibility allowing both hind leg hoofs to touch the back of the knees of the front legs.

The trainer reported the next day workout and performance improvements as “unbelievable.”

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