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How the NuLean Diet System Works:

Do you ever cringe when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Have diets and weight-loss programs failed you?

Does is seem like it’s easier for other people to lose weight than you?

Have you lost weight only to put it right back on?

If you answered “Yes” to any the above questions, congratulations. You have come to the right place. The NuLean Weight-Loss/Total Body Transformation System can help you lose those unwanted pounds, and this time keep them off for good. NuLean accomplishes fast and permanent weight-loss by addressing all the core causes of excess fat. It’s unlike anything you ever tried before. Here’s how it works.

Excess fat can contribute to many diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Because of this, people rush out and try this weight-loss fad or that, to try to lose weight so that they are in better health. At NuLean, we believe that if one is overweight it’s because their body is already in an unhealthy state. We believe that in order to permanently lose weight you have to address the underlying health issue that is making you fat.

In other words, an unhealthy body manufactures excess fat. If you improve the health of the body in the correct way then the fat falls away. Fortunately the NuLean System does this. The question is what is making the body unhealthy and what do you do about it?

We believe that in today’s society excess fat is a symptom of an underlying health issue called Body Burden. Body Burdon is a modern day illness that cripples your hormones and creates fat. Body Burden is a condition in which your body becomes over burdened by fat producing toxins. These toxins get into your body from the foods that we all eat. Common toxins include: preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, processed sugar, processed flour, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, heavy metals, trans fatty acids and pesticides. More than 80 thousand man made chemicals get released into the environment each year, and fewer than 5 percent of these have been tested for their toxic effects on humans.

We call fat producing toxins found in our everyday food, Obesogens (from the word Obese). Obesogens may contribute to weight-gain in four ways:

  1. Obesogens alter your regulatory system that controls your weight
  2. Obesogens increase the fat cells in your body
  3. Obesogens decrease the calories you burn
  4. Obesogens cause constant hunger cravings
Simply stated, Obesogens (toxins) put a Burden on your body by disrupting many of its fat burning systems. They also tax your immune system which we believe can predispose you to many diseases, including the big there mentioned above: heart disease, diabetes and cancer. To permanently lose your fat (and regain your health) the first thing you must do is detoxify the Obesogens from your body. If you don’t detoxify (as with most weight-loss programs) even if you were to lose weight you would likely rebound and gain it back again. Why? Because the Obesogens would still be in your body. Obesogens create fat. You can lose the fat but if you don’t also lose the Obesogens then the Obesogens (toxins) will create more fat in your body. The NuLean System was designed to cause gentle detoxification by infusing the body with an array of life-giving nutrients that energize and fortify the cells in such a way that they release the toxins. This not only causes the pounds to drop, but gives you energy and can greatly improve your health.


WHAT ELSE CREATES FAT? Are Obesogens the only thing that creates excess fat? No. Excess calories and lack of exercise also contribute to fat. That’s why the NuLean System includes, along with detoxification, dietary changes and exercise. The NuLean System is designed to “transform” your body, putting it in a more optimum state of health. The benefits of doing the NuLean Weight-Loss/Total Body Transformation System are:

  • Weight-loss
  • Less carb and sugar cravings
  • More energy
  • Better focus and clearer thinking
  • Inches lost
  • Less cravings of bad food, more craving of good food
  • Feeling younger
  • Greater endurance
  • Better sleep
  • Better well being

NuLean works to reduce Body Burden, putting you in better health so that your body gives up the fat. Best of all, it’s easy to do and you feel great while doing the program. You’ll look great too. Get your body back now, do NuLean.


Frequently Asked Questions about NuLean

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