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Below you will find a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions from NuLean consumers and practitioners. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

Questions from consumers:
Questions from practitioners:

Questions from consumers:

Is NuLean natural/free of drugs?

Yes, absolutely. We use proprietary formulations based on all-natural ingredients such as fruit extracts, essential vitamins and minerals, amino-acids and botanical extracts.

What results can I expect?

Our products have undergone strict medical studies which have validated nothing short of spectacular results. Of course, as with any health products, the results vary from person to person, body to body, but the advantage of our products is they are all-natural, effective, and are healthy and easy to use. Click here to see some results.

Are there any side effects associated with them?

No side effects have been observed that are directly attributable to them. Depending on a persons toxicity level and several other factors some people may experience minor discomfort in the form of mild headaches or skin flush. This is a big variable and 90% of our customers do not even experience these mild reactions.

Can I become addicted to any of them?

As we do not use drugs or other addictive ingredients of any kind in our products, you won't get addicted to them. They are a safe addition to your everyday healthy lifestyle and can help you get a way from your actual addictions to sugar, caffeine and all to common unhealthy foods.

How do they taste?

They taste great! The NuLean Power Cleanse (Phase 2) for example contains a blend of delicious fruit extracts that give it a very pleasant tase. And we never use any chemical flavors or artificial sweeteners.
Click here to see the full list of ingredients.

Do I have to change my diet?

Undoubtedly you would still experience significant weight-loss if you just did NuLean, no matter what! However, without cleaning up your diet a bit you'd be compromising it's full potential. And we are mainly talking about adding some fruits, vegetables and cutting the junk-food... and the key thing is, everything in moderation, especially the things you know that make you fat.

Do I have to start exercising?

Exercising plays a major role in general well being and bodily health. Even if you just go for a small walk everyday you will experience the difference as comapared to not getting any exercise at all. With proper exercise you will simply have so much more success achieving the ideal weight and health you truly desire. Exercise will help move toxins through and out of the body as well as naturally speed up your metabolism.

I've had bad experience with weight-loss... how is this different?

First of all, we understand your desperation and second of all, it is hardly your fault. Your past failure with weight-loss simply stems from the fact that you have been addressing the wrong cause. weight-loss products and programs talk about calories, carbs, trans fat, fat blocking, etc. all which do not directly address the underlying cause and often lead to failure. NuLean targets the exact cause, zeroing in on metabolic correction and systemic detoxification and raising the Ph levels of your body. That is the difference, and you will notice it just after the first week!

Can I cleanse while being on medication?

This is a decision you will have to make in collaboration with your doctor. Although many customers have had no problem whatsoever doing the cleanse while taking medication, we can not give advice as every case is different and your physician will know your personal situation best. As an interesting side note, many customers report that they no longer have to take as many medications. This makes sense as a large variety of health problems are brought on by toxicity and obesity... such as diabetes and high blood pressure. And so it comes as no major surprise when people clean up and slim down, they sometimes no longer need all of the medications previously used to mask symptoms.

Are the products Doctor approved or tested?

This is the 64 million dollar question that you should ask when embarking on any weight-loss route. Unfortunately there are very few weight-loss products on the market today that have undergone a university medical study such as NuLean. And truth be told, it is no surprise, as most of them DON'T REALLY WORK despite the "testimonials". Make no mistake...NuLean is Doctor Approved and Recommended and has undergone a strict clinical study to validate its consistent health benefits and weight-loss results.
Click here to read the full study.

Cleansing during pregnancy... good or bad?

We highly recommend and urge you do the cleanse after pregnancy or before (if possible). The simple reason for that is that during the cleanse, toxins which have been previously deeply lodged in fatty tissue, become dislodged, enter the blood stream and then get eliminated. However, the child is obviously part of the same blood stream and so might be affected by these toxins as they enter this stream before they are eliminated. Also, it is recommend you partake in regular exercise while on the cleanse, which, even when mild, might not be preferable during pregnancy. Please also consult your doctor on this.

I have a medical condition, can I still use NuLean?

Anyone taking medication or who has a medical condition, should consult a health-care professional before using this or any other dietary supplement.

Questions from practitioners:

How can I become a distributor of your products?

We are always looking for new motivated distributors. Our products are in high demand and we want distributors to benefit from that. If you are interested, simply contact us let us know what your plans are. We will then work with you to get you started up and winning.

What marketing tools will I be supplied with?

A lot! You'll get access to your very own affiliate tools including all your tracking stats, payment info, money made, new affiliates enrolled and not to forget a huge database with banners, flash banners, text ads, articles ads and much more. All this makes your life as an affiliate much easier and on top of that we have written up FREE guides that tell you exactly what to do to succeed as an affiliate and make an unlimited amount of money.

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