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Acupuncturist Success Story

Andrew shares his RRT success stories in this post on Facebook.

It has now been four months since purchasing the rapid release and it continues to amaze me with it’s ability to not only get profound results but save me so much wear and tear. Sometimes things are too good to be true. Here are some latest quotes from my clients testimonial blog that were a result of combining RRT and Acupuncture:

“Recently ruptured an Achilles tendon, and could barely walk. I set up an appointment with Andrew, and in little less than an hour I was able to move around on the injured leg with much increased mobility. I’ve been back for three more treatments in two weeks and am experiencing very rapid healing, much faster than normal for this type of injury. I would say at least three times as fast. I don’t intend to get long winded about this. What ever he’s doing, works at a very deep level in the human anatomy, and gets amazing results in a very short period of time. It’s hard to beat that combination.” Daar age 68

“Wednesday morning I got out of bed and landed awkwardly on my left foot and sprained my ankle. I was hobbling around and called Andrew as I was hoping to play a tennis match scheduled for Thursday morning. After a comprehensive one hour treatment, I felt immediate relief and went home very relaxed and went to bed. It is now Friday and not only was I able play my Thursday match with 90% mobility but was also able to play this morning virtually 100%. I am impressed that my ankle has healed so quickly and held up to two days of match tennis with no residual pain or swelling.” Richard age 69

“I am a teaching pro at Chamisa Hills Country Club in Rio Rancho NM. I am 76 years old and still playing tournaments with the Senior Olympics program. In June of 2011 I started having severe back pain that required pain meds. I went to my Chiropractor for several treatments and got no relief so I went to my PC phycisian. He recommended a MRI. The MRI showed a bulging disc between L4 & L5. My PC sent me to a neurosurgeon which I declined. I went to Andrew and got immediate relief after the first treatment and stopped all my pain meds. I just finished playing in the city tournament for Albuquerque and plan to proceed to the state play off in July (update: he won the state and came in sixth place at the nationals in Cleveland). This is made possible by the treatment from Andrew. I highly recommend him and his treatment.” Fred

“With Andrew’s new addition of the rapid release machine, my 15 year old chronic shoulder pain has virtually disappeared. This took only five sessions.” Fred age 77

Seems to be true. Now my testimonial. I have been playing usta 4.0 tennis for many years. Since using rapid release my long term i.t. band issue is cleared along with issues with my left knee that resulted from constriction in the connective tissue. I am playing intense singles tennis and will be turning sixty and my body feels better than ever. I recently played a tournament and pulled a groin muscle during the match. I treated three times that day and several the next. Three days later I played a singles match and had no problems with movement and flexibility. This injury would have taken at least a month.

One last clinical experience is with a client with diabetes. In two sessions with Rapid Release his chronic left leg which always had edema and tremendous meridian stagnatioin was free and clear. For all acupuncture practitioners this device will exponentially help with issues of deep chi stagnation. Remember the connective tissue binds around stuck meridians. Free the tissue and the meridians will release with much more ease.

Thanks again for your incredible gift to the body work field.


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